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Banks again denied you quick loans ?

This is not a problem, because you can always ask for help, having received the required loan amount. Approval takes only 15-20 minutes. Here you can get a consumer loan ranging from 500 dollars to 10,000 dollars, and you can apply for loans through one of the social networks.

Why it is worth taking a loan?

Why it is worth taking a loan?

One of the reasons why many customers choose us, preferring it to other offices, is the high speed of approving a loan application.

Such coordination takes place in just a few minutes, which is much faster than in any bank. In this case, the client will receive a choice of several credit offers at once, and will be able to choose exactly the one that best suits him.

The second reason customers choose us is the lack of high interest and no hidden fees. While many banks lure customers with various advertising slogans, lender offers them really favorable credit conditions, and these conditions will depend on what the credit history and financial condition of the borrower are. In other words, you can be sure that the company will choose a loan for you, which you can repay on time.

How to get a loan?

How to get a loan?

Getting a loan in the required amount is very simple. To do this, it is enough to go through only three simple steps.

At the first step, the client passes registration and fills out an application for a loan.

Why is a credit office needed? The answer is understandable: firstly, this is a requirement of law, and secondly, the availability of customer data will allow a credit institution to offer him a more favorable and suitable loan that best suits all his needs. To go through this step, you don’t need to do anything phenomenal, just fill out a short questionnaire, spending only 5 minutes on everything.

Requirements and other important points related to fast loans?

Requirements and other important points related to fast loans from Bondor?

The joint lending office seeks to provide its customers with optimal lending conditions, making their services the most affordable. However, at the same time, this organization does not forget about the principles of responsible lending, and therefore imposes certain requirements on borrowers, in particular, residents can now issue loan products.

In order to apply and rely on a successful agreement, the client needs to have a stable place of work, and sufficient income to pay off monthly payments. He also needs to have an ideal credit history, not have problems with financial institutions regarding debt repayment, and not be connected with gambling. Loans from 18 years old are exactly what many young people are looking for, because the company really gives out loans from 18 years old.

Customer analysis will take no more than 1 day, after which he will receive a loan offer. And he will only have to sign an agreement.

In order to repay the loan, the client will need to deposit the required amount of funds on his account on the specified day according to the loan repayment schedule.

In the event that the loan application is canceled, the date on the client’s account will be indicated on the client’s account. If the borrower does not meet one of the above requirements, he should not apply for a loan, because it will be rejected.

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Wedding loan: understand when it’s worth it and how to do it Wed, 13 May 2020 06:34:02 +0000 Read More "Wedding loan: understand when it’s worth it and how to do it"]]>

Having an unforgettable wedding party is the dream of most couples. In addition to symbolizing the union of the bride and groom, it forever marks friends and family. However, these celebrations are expensive and it is not always possible to count on all the money at the desired time.

At such times, many couples use a wedding loan. But is this a good option? To clarify this and other points, we have written this text with information on this issue. Follow!

When is a Wedding Loan Worth Taking Out?

When is a Wedding Loan Worth Taking Out?

The list of items for a wedding is very long. And some are indispensable, such as renting space for the event, food services, costumes, among others. In this way, a loan becomes advantageous when the couple does not have all the money available while organizing the party.

A loan also facilitates the financial planning of the event. With the total amount in hand to cover all expenses, there is no risk that payments will be dispersed among different sources, such as credit cards and checks.

In addition, when paying in cash, it is possible to obtain discounts from suppliers and service providers, which helps to make the event cheaper. Finally, it is not necessary to wait years to accumulate the necessary amount, anticipating the dream of the party.

What is the best wedding loan option?

What is the best wedding loan option?

There are still no specific lines of credit to finance weddings, so interested parties have to resort to free loan modalities, the most common being personal credit and payroll loans.

Personal credit is generally simpler, but tends to have shorter payment terms.

Payroll loans, in turn, are an interesting alternative for civil servants and retirees. Despite this, private sector employees are also able to access this type of loan with certain conditions (such as an agreement between a company and a financial institution).

In the payroll loan, the payment of the installments is made through the direct discount on the salary. With this guarantee, it is possible to obtain lower interest rates and longer installment terms.

How to make?

How to make?

To take out a wedding loan you need to follow a few steps. The first is to estimate what the total cost of the party will be. As unforeseen events are common, the ideal is to imagine a slightly higher value than originally stipulated. However, the amount should not exceed the couple’s ability to pay.

Then, the path goes through consulting banks and financial institutions to compare interest rates and payment terms, in search of the most advantageous option.

Assessing the so-called Total Effective Cost (CET) is essential, since this number represents all costs that will affect the operation. In addition, some requirements must be met, such as having a clean name in credit protection services, stable employment and no outstanding debt.

It must not be forgotten that a good financial organization is indispensable. The value of the parcel cannot compromise a large part of the couple’s budget, so that it does not influence the quality of life of the newlyweds.

With these tips, a wedding loan can prove to be an excellent alternative to pay for the expenses that the ceremony demands more smoothly.

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72,000 Dollars credit for self-employed – from 726 Dollars rate Sun, 03 May 2020 01:20:01 +0000 Read More "72,000 Dollars credit for self-employed – from 726 Dollars rate"]]>

Anyone who needs a 72,000 USD loan for the self-employed must expect a strict credit check. The main thing is to find a lender with a loan for self-employed 72,000 USD. However, a loan comparison should be made beforehand. This allows borrowers to save cash.

What do these loan offers say?

What do these loan offers say?

These few examples clearly show how the interest rate, term and credit rate are related. In order to get a cheap 72000 USD loan for the self-employed, you should therefore make a loan comparison.

With regard to the personal interest rate, it should be mentioned that this depends on the creditworthiness of the borrower. Since the self-employed do not have a secure income, they have to expect an increased interest rate. If you make a loan comparison, you can directly see which providers are providing a 72,000 USD loan for the self-employed.

Other conditions can also be seen immediately. Think of free special repayments or installment freezes.

Searching with the loan comparison

Searching with the loan comparison

Many companies are familiar with the scenario. You read about the best conditions for loans in advertisements. If a question is asked, entrepreneuros often receive a rejection. The reason is the insecure and fluctuating income of the self-employed.

If you work independently and have a small craft business, for example, you often have good contact with your house bank. This can best assess the customer’s financial situation. Therefore, the first loan request for a loan for self-employed 72,000 USD should go to the house bank. No matter how the offer turns out, a loan comparison should be used to find better offers.

A loan comparison is simple, so that interested parties can filter out the best lenders with just a few clicks. The credit comparison from Centi Loan Lender provides all the important information about the 72000 USD loan for the self-employed and is free and non-binding.

Increase the credit opportunities

Increase the credit opportunities

The self-employed cannot receive a self-employed loan of 72,000 USD based on their income. Many banks require additional loan collateral. There is the possibility of joint financing here. This can be the spouse or a good friend. In any case, the credit opportunities increase.

However, the partner should have a secure income from permanent employment. A guarantor can also stabilize the 72,000 USD loan for the self-employed. The guarantor must be solvent. The bank will examine this extensively. A guarantor must also be informed about the risks of a guarantee. A guarantee is counted, for example, when the guarantor requests a loan at the cost of living.

Then it can happen that his credit rating is no longer sufficient and he also needs a guarantor. But a property, a loanable life insurance or savings investments are considered credit security for the 72000 USD loan for the self-employed.

Which documents must be submitted

Which documents must be submitted

The salary slips of the last three months are sufficient for one employee. In the case of a loan for self-employed persons of 72,000 USD, a business evaluation (BWA), balance sheets from the past 1 to 3 years, a profit and loss account and income tax assessments must be submitted. The self-employed person should know that these requirements are only a rough guide. A credit comparison shows exactly which provider needs which documents.

The loan without Credit bureau – the solution?

The loan without Schufa - the solution?

If the 72000 USD loan is rejected for the self-employed, the borrower has the opportunity to present the aforementioned loan collateral. If no lender is found, the help of a credit agency is recommended. However, attention should be paid to the seriousness of these mediations. Centi Loan Lender and Capital Lender should be mentioned as an example of a serious credit brokerage.

On the mediation side, the borrower can see exactly what the chances of getting a loan for the self-employed are 72,000 USD. Possibly the loan chances could be increased with the loan security or a guarantor. A free credit request should be made for this.

The Credit bureau-free loans from abroad are not relevant for a 72000 USD loan for self-employed. This form of credit is only approved if there is a secure income. A permanent position is required. In addition, the maximum loan amount for this type of loan is set at 7500 USD.

A tip for the entrepreneur

A tip for the entreprenUSD

Those who carefully prepare for their self-employed loan of 72,000 USD also increase their credit chances. All required documents should be available and, if necessary, also checked whether they are still valid. If you then make a loan comparison, you should increase your chances of getting a loan. The credit comparison from Centi Loan Lender, free of charge and without obligation, provides important information.

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Scoring is … Credit score Sun, 22 Mar 2020 01:59:10 +0000 Read More "Scoring is … Credit score"]]>

Perhaps today no one has ever used a loan at least once in his life. Bank employees can sometimes decide on a loan within 15-20 minutes after applying.

How can they do that, how much short time for the debtor’s appraisal? They do not do it themselves – the decision is made by an impartial computer program – a scoring system. It is the customer who evaluates the level of customer reliability based on the entered data.

What a special word

What a special word

This name is not very clear from the English word score, which means “score”. Scoring is a computer program, which is a kind of questionnaire that characterizes a borrower.

Before deciding to grant a loan, a bank employee will ask you to answer some questions and enter answers on a computer, after which the program evaluates the results and assigns a certain number of points to each subject.

As a result of adding all ratings, we get a general indicator, defined as a score. The higher this score is, the more likely it is to make a positive lending decision. Most often, more than one type of scoring is used at a time, evaluating a client in different directions, or using a complex multi-level system.

Types of evaluation


The most important and the most frequent of them are Application Evaluation This is an evaluation of the customer’s solvency validation method. If you have not earned enough points for this type of assessment, it will be very difficult to get a loan. Alternatively, you may be offered other loan terms – a higher interest rate or a lower loan amount.

The next stage of the assessment is to determine the potential borrower’s tendency to fraud. The system will evaluate this. Scoring scams. The criteria used to calculate this parameter are the business secrets of each bank.

Behavioral scoring This is a type of control that allows us to predict the client’s solvency in the future. This analytical system also allows you to identify some “behavioral” factors: how the client will handle the loan, whether he/she makes payments accurately and on time, immediately choose a credit card limit or use the money in parts and much more.

There’s one more, the most annoying kind of control, – The evaluation collection borrower, which is very important to develop measures to address arrears with clients. It is necessary for an adequate assessment of the risk of credit default and the timely application of preventive measures.

Is it possible to “cheat”?

Is it possible to "cheat"?

Given that the credit rating is done by the machine, it may not seem difficult to cheat the system – all that is needed is to give ‘correct’ answers from the bank’s point of view. This is not the case, however, such an attempt can only succeed in those cases where the program is built so that it will not work immediately when you verify some information about you.

If scoring only requires documented information, it is almost impossible to fool the system. Check that the data in the questionnaire matches the actual data For security officials this will not be difficult, as in the vast majority they are former employees of the Ministry of the Interior, And other similar departments and are willing to use ‘old connections’. In addition, sometimes it is enough to call the work or the neighbors of the future client.

So trying to trick the program is still not worth it, because it originally contains all known systems and signs of fraud, and if such an attempt is detected, a loan at this bank will never be granted to you.

So let’s consider what benefits a potential borrower should have if he wants to borrow a loan without any problems.

Personal information – who’s lucky

  1. Sex – It is assumed that women are more responsible for meeting their financial obligations.
  2. Age – here, excessive youth or maturity can play a trick on you. The age range is 25-45 years. Customers who fall within this range may count on extra points for this item.
  3. Education: – if you have a university degree, the bank trusts you more. These clients are considered more successful, responsible and financially stable.
  4. Family ties – Lonely people are not a priority, so if you can boast at least a legal marriage, get another point.
  5. Dependent – Of course, having children will not be an obstacle in getting a loan, the more they are, the lower the score for that item.

Finance – which professions are preferred

Finance - which professions are preferred

In this section of the questionnaire, the program will evaluate your progress in the field of work – in general, and seniority, the prestige of the profession, recent wages, the availability of additional income sources and more. The ideal option, in this case, is the presence of only one entry in the workbook – the more often you change your place of work, the less you stay in each business, the less points the system will earn.

Strangely, banks do not like company directors, financial managers, and citizens who provide their own jobs (notaries, lawyers, private detectives, individual entrepreneurs, etc.) because their income is not fixed but depends on market trends. Preference is given to self-employed clients – civil servants, professionals, workers, and middle managers – their income is considered more stable.

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Credit despite debt collection: are there serious offers? Sun, 15 Mar 2020 01:31:51 +0000 Read More "Credit despite debt collection: are there serious offers?"]]>

Taking out a loan despite debt collection is a double-edged project.

It depends on the personal and financial situation of the person concerned whether an attempt to get a loan despite the initiation of a collection procedure makes any sense at all.

The involvement of a debt collection company by a creditor can have different reasons on the part of the debtor.

The debtor may not have paid a claim due to carelessness in good time or believes that the claim will be made without justification.

Temporary payment difficulties are possible, for example caused by an unforeseen financial burden, but can be remedied in the short term.

In many cases, unfortunately, a completely different reason plays a role. The debtor is no longer solvent or insolvency is imminent.

If anything, the financial means are only enough to settle some outstanding bills, and usually the debtor will pay the bills that he considers the most important.

If that’s the situation you’re in, it’s too late to borrow. You will probably no longer find a bank that is ready to lend.

Apart from that, an additional loan is dangerous and only leads to the debt trap.

And that applies even if it should somehow be possible to get a loan somewhere, perhaps through the involvement of third parties.

The debt collection claim may be settled with the loan, but the interest burden again creates debts.

If receivables can no longer be settled in the foreseeable future due to financial bottlenecks, and if liquidity cannot be improved, debt advice centers are not the right point of contact, but credit banks are.

In other cases, trying to get a loan to consolidate debt is not easy, but it is not doomed to failure.

The crucial point is when you decide to tackle the problem of the open claim consistently.

The goal should always be to prevent a Credit bureau entry due to the open claim.


  • 1 Early action increases credit opportunities
  • 2 The child fell into the well: credit despite debt collection
  • 3 reminders from the debt collection agency: How do I behave?

Early action increases credit opportunities

Early action increases credit opportunities

A collection procedure does not fall from the sky.

This was preceded by the non-payment of a due invoice.

The creditor will take this as an opportunity to issue a warning himself or to use a debt collection agency to do this work for him.

If a temporary liquidity problem, without over-indebtedness or the concrete risk of over-indebtedness, is the reason for the non-payment, it is advisable to contact the creditor before any delay occurs.

Creditors often engage in deferrals or installments if the debtor conclusively shows that the claim can ultimately be paid in this way.

It is not too late to contact the creditor or the debt collection agency commissioned by the creditor, even during the dunning procedure.

Collection agencies in particular regularly engage in payment agreements.

At this point in time, it is also easiest to borrow to pay off the debt or to summarize the loan.

The collection procedure may have already started, but a Credit bureau entry may only be made after an unsuccessful second reminder.

Legal proceedings have not yet taken place and seizure measures are therefore not yet available.

If the debtor has reasoned objections to the demand, a different approach is recommended.

It does not matter whether the creditor issues a warning himself or leaves the reminder to the debt collection agency.

In these cases, it is important to seek legal advice in good time.

Under no circumstances should debtors themselves justify why they consider the claim to be unjustified and engage in discussions with the creditor about it.

To avoid mistakes, you should leave the reasoning to a specialist.

However, it is possible to first contradict the demanded request simply in writing by registered letter and then seek legal advice in peace.

A Credit bureau entry of contested claims may not be made.

The legal counsel consulted will examine the matter and either recommend that a legal dispute should be settled or, if necessary, recognize and settle the claim after the conclusion of a payment agreement.

If a loan is required to settle the claim, the collection procedure does not matter when borrowing.

Credit banks receive no indication that a debt collection agency has been engaged.

The child fell into the well: credit despite debt collection

The child fell into the well: credit despite debt collection

If the debt is collected by a debt collection company in some way, the debt collection is somehow visible to credit banks, borrowing is considerably more difficult but not entirely excluded.

The basic requirement, however, is sufficient income, which guarantees the repayment of the loan from free income after deducting the garnishment-free amount and the flat-rate for living expenses.

A further requirement is additional collateral that can be made available to the bank.

Security stocks, capital life insurance, savings contracts of all kinds and real estate are suitable as security.

If sufficient collateral is available, sometimes going to the house bank or to a branch bank can be successful.

An alternative is Creditolo’s mortgage loan.

The loan is not a dedicated real estate loan, but an all-purpose loan secured by a mortgage.

According to Creditolo, negative Credit bureau entries or loans canceled and due by a bank do not fundamentally conflict with the mortgage loan.

The settlement of collection claims is expressly mentioned as a possible purpose.

In this respect, the mortgage loan from Creditolo can be an option to get a loan despite Credit bureau and debt collection.

A prerequisite is of course a resilient real estate and sufficient income.

Creditolo is an experienced financial service provider who works without prepayment.

Every now and then one reads the advice to try a loan with a direct bank, which does not provide bank statements of the past months or weeks, despite visible collection procedures.

Or it is advised to choose a bank where only bank statements need to be submitted for a few weeks.

The prerequisite here, of course, is that the bank statements to be submitted no longer contain references to collection of claims by debt collection companies.

How banks handle the issue of bank statements can be found in the product descriptions of the usual loan comparisons.

Banks behave very differently. Sometimes the bank statements of the last few months have to be presented, other banks only need bank statements of the last weeks.

At some banks, there is no statement at all about submitting bank statements. These banks may decide on a case-by-case basis whether they need bank statements for credit checks.

However, if there is already a relevant Credit bureau entry, this option is excluded from the outset.

Reminder letter from the debt collection agency: How do I behave?

Reminder letter from the debt collection agency: How do I behave?

A warning from a debt collection agency is no reason to be disturbed.

Sometimes the content of the letters is, to say the least, relatively rude. Don’t let that intimidate you.

Collection companies are initially unable to implement threats with Credit bureau, with garnishment or imprisonment.

In the letter you will find a list of the main claim, any ancillary claims such as interest and fees from previous reminders and the costs incurred through the use of the debt collection agency.

If you consider the main claim to be unfounded, you object to the enforcement by registered mail.

If the claim is justified, it must be paid. However, the claimed reminder costs are sometimes set too high.

Also check whether the collection agency is serious. Does it have judicial approval? Registration in the legal services register must result from the letter of formal notice.

There are different forms of collection.

The debt collection agency may have been authorized by the creditor to assert the claim.

In this case, the creditor is the holder of the claim. The collection agency must submit a power of attorney.

It is also possible that the collection agency has acquired the claim from the original creditor and that the assertion is in its own name.

In such a case, the deed of assignment must be attached to the letter.

When you hear about the claim for the first time in the collection company’s letter, there is every reason to believe that a fraudster is trying to take advantage of it.

Obtaining legal advice from a consumer advice center or a lawyer always makes sense when a letter from a debt collection company flaps into the house.

Loan difficult despite collection, but possible in exceptional cases

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Guarantees, mortgage loan insurance reimbursement. Wed, 26 Feb 2020 03:56:57 +0000 Read More "Guarantees, mortgage loan insurance reimbursement."]]>

When taking out your mortgage, your bank will require that you take out home loan insurance. This covers the risks linked to death, incapacity for work (partial or total, temporary or permanent) and loss of employment (unemployment insurance) – optional cover – for the borrower by taking over the loan repayment.

Death and disability insurance is compulsory

Death and disability insurance is compulsory

Guarantees against death or disability are the guarantees present in all contracts. Your home loan insurance will cover the reimbursement of the remaining capital due on your loan according to the quota (coverage rate), particularly in the event of death. Thus your heirs or your co-borrower will not have to bear the repayment by the borrower insurance of the loan contracted.

Know that your insurance takes into account incapacity for work. A distinction is then made between incapacity and invalidity.

Depending on your borrower profile, your contract and the guarantees included, the insurer will take charge of reimbursements in the event of a claim or accident. The price and overall cost of the insurance are linked to the different levels of cover taken out. For the same profile, the amount will be higher or lower depending on the level of guarantee chosen. Different insurances are thus offered, depending on the contracts:

  • Death insurance, which covers the repayment of the loan in the event of the borrower’s disappearance. The heirs will not have to repay the mortgage.
  • Total and irreversible loss of autonomy insurance (PTIA), the borrower has lost all his autonomy and needs to be assisted in his daily tasks; which is similar to a Disability 3rd category of social security 100%.
  • Total permanent disability insurance (IPT), the insurer takes care of the monthly payments of the loan if the disability rate is higher than 66%.
  • Partial permanent disability insurance (PPI), for this insurance guarantee, the rate of disability found is between 33% and 66%.
  • Total temporary incapacity for work insurance (ITT), the borrower cannot exercise his profession temporarily.
  • Professional invalidity insurance (IP), specific guarantee for the medical professions.
  • Non-objective illness insurance (MNO), covers illnesses that cannot be identified by a doctor; that is, the doctor will not be able to objectively assess the patient’s condition. There are for example: depression, burnout, lumbago, etc.

Unemployment insurance is optional

Unemployment insurance is optional

“Loss of employment” insurance, or loss of employment insurance, is not compulsory. Optional, it can represent a high cost, having regard to the conditions for the exercise of guarantees (waiting period, deductible, maximum duration of compensation, amount paid, etc.).

In addition to benefit from it, you must meet, in most contracts, certain conditions.

  • The job loss insurance only concerns employees.
  • You must have been on permanent contract for more than a year and be the victim of an economic layoff.
  • The amount of compensation and the duration of care are limited.

Check if this insurance applies to your situation before purchasing it.

Example of an insurance tariff with the job loss guarantee

Borrower guarantees Death + PTIA + IPT + ITT Death + PTIA + IPT + ITT + Unemployment insurance
Total amount of insurance $ 2,613.81 $ 6,712.43
Monthly payment $ 10.89 $ 27.97
Average home loan insurance rate 0.09% 0.18%



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